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Annually, The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network (EICN) conducts a global business outlook survey. The findings of which gauge the expectations of C-Suite business leaders and their outlook for the forthcoming year. In addition, we will be joined by Simon Baptist Global Chief Economist; Managing Director, EIU, Asia who will be sharing our 2022 Economic Forecast for the region.

Marrying both the business outlook survey with the economic forecast, we will provide a complete picture of the world in 2022.The CFO Foresight Network will work togetherto define, and identify the strategic challenges for the year ahead, equipping members of the CFO Foresight Network with tools and the insights to meet the professional challenges of 2022.

This session is part of our new programme, CFO Foresight, designed for CFOs and senior professionals in finance from companies within The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network. You can learn more about the programme by clicking here.


January 26 2022

9.30 am - South Africa

11.30 am – Dubai

1.00 pm - India

3.30 pm - China / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia

4.30 pm - Japan / South Korea

6.30 pm - Sydney, Australia

Please join us for what promises to be an enlightening and worthwhile interaction by registering to attend.


This session is a part of our new programme, CFO Foresight, which is designed for senior professionals leading financial operations from EICN members. We will bring together leading experts from some of the biggest and most innovative organisations across the world and combine their personal insights with the EIU's global economic knowledge to create a forward-looking perspective on the global trends shaping the economy, business and their own specialist functions.

Leveraging the EICN's global connections and our extensive network, we will provide a platform for executives to engage with their peers from other regions as well as their own city networks. We will meet on a quarterly basis to talk about the most critical issues facing executives in Chief Finance Officer functions and help them create more value for their companies. The discussions will be supported by a dedicated online community where participants will be able to engage directly with their peers and get the latest insights from The Economist Group tailored and curated specifically for their job function.

Please note that this event is limited to senior-level executives and per invitation only. If you are not an existing member of The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, but would like to learn how you can attend our events, please contact us.


  • Simon Baptist (Global Chief Economist & Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit)

    Simon Baptist

    Global Chief Economist & Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit

    Simon Baptist is Editorial Director and Chief Economist at The Economist Intelligence Unit. Prior to his current role, he has held a number of other senior management and editorial positions in the business, including Managing Director for Asia, Regional Director of our Asia editorial team, Director of Global Forecasting, and Consulting Director in both Europe and Asia

    Simon’s focus is on the global economy, national and international political developments, and public policy. He engages with business, government and international organisations, helping them to understand the operational and strategic implications of the EIU’s forecasts.

    He has a doctorate in economics from and was a lecturer at Oxford University, along with degrees in economics and science from the University of Tasmania. His academic research investigated technology and the determinants of productivity in manufacturing firms.

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  • Nicholas Sutcliffe (Project Director of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network)

    Nicholas Sutcliffe

    Project Director of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

    Nicholas Sutcliffe is the former Managing Director of The Conference Board for the Asia Pacific and was esponsible for the strategic development and growth of The Conference Board’s operations with in the region whilst sharing responsibility for enhancing the Board’s stature and reputation as a relevant, objective and ethical institution serving business and society.

    Having worked in Asia since 1994 he has gained a deep understanding of both the cultural and social issues that affect the region, He has a passionate interest in Chinese and Indian business relations and cultural drivers, and has been published in newspapers as diverse as the South China Morning Post and The Hindustan Times.

    With proven facilitation and communication skills and recognised as a thought leader in Innovation, HR Strategy - Future of Work, Digital Transformation, Sustainability, and Business Strategy. Experience in partnering with global consultants – Korn Ferry, KPMG, McKinsey and Mercer etc. to design, develop and deliver multiple advisories, training and research programs. Having published a broad range of business-led research encompassing all facets of the future of work, corporate govenance and regional talent and workforce analytics.

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