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Date: March 19, 2021

Time: 11am Singapore and Hong Kong, 12pm Tokyo and Seoul

Regulators around the world are strengthening their encouragements, in some cases requirements, for climate change disclosure for listed companies. In December 2020, regulators in Hong Kong joined the group, announcing they will start requiring a mandatory disclosure on climate change in 2025. However, the world still does not seem to have an established set of standards on climate change disclosure. Companies' disclosures are often criticized toward opportunities, rather than risks. What should be a globally fair set of rules that enable investors to compare companies across the globe? Asian countries have lagged behind in the competition to set the global standards on climate change. Is it already too late for Asian countries, including Japan, to have a say?

In the panel session, we will discuss what are the key ingredients of the global disclosure standard so that asset managers and companies across the world can stay informed on the emerging global trend in climate change disclosure.

Please note that this event is limited to senior-level executives and per invitation only. If you are not an existing member of The Economist Corporate Network, but would like to learn how you can attend our events, please contact us.


  • Ashley Ian Alder (CEO of Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong)

    Ashley Ian Alder

    CEO of Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong

    Mr Alder has been Chief Executive Officer of the Securities and Futures Commission since 1 October 2011.

    Currently, he is also Chairman of the Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and sits on the Financial Stability Board's Plenary and its Steering Committee.

    Mr Alder started his career as a lawyer in London in 1984 and practised in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. He was Executive Director of the SFC's Corporate Finance Division from 2001 to 2004, when he returned to the international law firm Herbert Smith LLP as Head of Asia.

    He attained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London in 1982 and graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Master of Laws degree in 1983.

    Mr Alder chairs the SFC's Executive Committee and Nominations Committee, and sits on the Budget Committee, Investment Committee, Advisory Committee and SFC (HKEC Listing) Committee.

    He is a member of the Financial Leaders Forum, a Council Member of the Treasury Markets Association and Vice President of The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers.

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  • Tokio Morita (Vice Minister for International Affairs at Financial Services Agency, Japan)

    Tokio Morita

    Vice Minister for International Affairs at Financial Services Agency, Japan

    Morita Tokio is the vice minister for international affairs of the Japan’s Financial Services Agency from July 2020 after serving as director-general for strategy development and management bureau at the JFSA from July 2019-July 2020. He also served as the chairperson of the IOSCO Asia-Pacific Regional Committee from September 2020, and the co-chairperson of the IOSCO Follow-Up Group to the Task Force on Cross Border Regulation from October 2020. He graduated from the University of Tokyo (BEc).

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  • Jhinyoung Shin (Professor of Finance: School of Business at Yonsei University)

    Jhinyoung Shin

    Professor of Finance: School of Business at Yonsei University

    Jhinyoung Shin is the Professor of Finance of School of Business, Yonsei University in Korea. Starting from June 2019, he has assumed the duty of the president of Korea Corporate Governance Service, which carries out ESG evaluation, proxy advisory service and policy research to promote the sustainability of Korean firms and the development of Korean capital market. He is also a chairman of Fair Disclosure Committee of KOSDAQ.In 2019, Professor Shin served as a president of Korea Securities Association, the academic society with the longest history and the largest membership in the area of finance in Korea.
    He started his academic career as an Assistant Professor of Finance in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and he was also invited as a Visiting Senior Fellow in National Singapore University, and Singapore Institute of Management.
    Professor Shin graduated from Seoul National University in 1985 with B.A. degree of Economics, and earned an M.A. degree of Economics from the same university in 1987. He received Ph. D in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University in 1993 while he was a recipient of Sloan Foundation Fellowship.

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  • Miyuki Zeniya (Head of Sustainable Finance at The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited)

    Miyuki Zeniya

    Head of Sustainable Finance at The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

    Ms. Zeniya is Fellow, Corporate Planning Unit of Dai-ichi Life Holdings and also Fellow, Investment Planning Dept. and Head of Sustainable Finance at The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company whose AUM is about 36 trillion yen. She has been responsible for ESG investing and ESG integration into all assets. Before the current role she had been responsible for engagements and proxy voting. Prior to joining The Dai-ichi Life in 2013, she was a
    managing advisor for Polaris Capital Group and had been Deputy President of a Japanese regional bank. She is a member of PRI Japan Network Advisory Committee and had been assigned as Working member by MOFA, METI, MOE and is a member of FSA and a board member of GSG NAB Japan.

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  • Takuji Okubo (Director, Corporate Network, North Asia of The Economist Corporate Network)

    Takuji Okubo

    Director, Corporate Network, North Asia of The Economist Corporate Network

    Takuji Okubo is the North Asia Director of The Economist Corporate Network, managing the Networks in Japan and in South Korea.

    Prior to joining The Economist Group, Takuji was the Managing Director and Chief Economist at Japan Macro Advisors, serving global fortune 500 companies and financial institutions in Japan and abroad. In his past career, Takuji was a Chief Economist at Societe Generale, in charge of Japan and of South Korea, and a senior economist at Merrill Lynch and at Goldman Sachs. Outside his role at ECN, Takuji also serves as a non-executive director at Japan Risk Forum, an association of Chief Risk Officers among Japanese financial institutions.

    Takuji holds B.A in Economics from Tokyo University and while at the university he was a recipient of prestigious INOUE scholarship. He holds MBA from INSEAD and Msc. In Economics from UPF in Barcelona. Apart from work, he enjoys motor-cycling, scuba-diving, cooking as well as worrying about the future of the Japanese economy.

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