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The World Ahead is The Economist's future-gazing annual publication, edited by Tom. This edition will be the 38th, published ahead of a fascinating year in prospect. As countries with a collective population of 4.1bn people prepare to hold elections in 2024 (more than in any previous year), The World Ahead will consider the continuing geopolitical shifts caused by: the war in Ukraine; the new cold war between America and China; growing competition over the rules and resources that underpin the green-energy transition; and the consequences for countries, companies and citizens around the world as they grapple with economic uncertainty and rapid technological change.

Please note that this event is limited to senior-level executives and per invitation only. If you are not an existing member of The Economist Corporate Network, but would like to learn how you can attend our events, please contact us.


6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Registration and Networking
6:30 PM - 6:35 PM
Welcome by EICN and Impact
6:35 PM - 7:20 PM
The World Ahead 2024 by Tom Standage and Dinner
7:20 PM - 7:40 PM
Q&A with Tom Standage
7:40 PM - 8:30 PM
Table Quiz with Edward Chui and Barrett Bingley
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Drinks and Networking


  • Tom Standage (Deputy Editor, The Economist, Editor, The World Ahead at The Economist)

    Tom Standage

    Deputy Editor, The Economist, Editor, The World Ahead at The Economist

    Tom Standage is deputy editor of The Economist and editor of the yearly “The World in..” series. He is also responsible for the newspaper’s digital strategy and the development of new digital products, including Espresso and Economist Films. He joined The Economist as science correspondent in 1998 and was subsequently appointed technology editor, business editor and digital editor. He is the author of six history books, including “Writing on the Wall” (2013), “The Victorian Internet” (1998) and “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” (2005). He studied engineering and computing at Oxford University and has written for other publications including the New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian and Wired, taking a particular interest in the internet’s cultural and historical significance.

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  • Edward Chui (Director, Hong Kong of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network)

    Edward Chui

    Director, Hong Kong of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

    Edward Chui is a corporate advisor who provides expert guidance to esteemed business leaders in Hong Kong and China. His expertise lies in briefing corporate executives on economic and geopolitical conditions within the APAC region, equipping them with invaluable insights into the potential impacts across various industries. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in Hong Kong that also spans media and technology, wealth management and education, Edward works closely with C-suite executives of multinational corporations, aiding their understanding of complex market dynamics and the implications of public and economic policies. He earned a BA in Government from Wesleyan University and an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

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  • Barrett Bingley (Head of Growth Partnerships, APAC at Economist Impact)

    Barrett Bingley

    Head of Growth Partnerships, APAC at Economist Impact

    Barrett Bingley has been with The Economist Group for 12 years. He is currently the head of growth partnerships for Economist Impact, developing high impact, multi-year programs that drive progress with the Group’s largest clients. Prior to this, Barrett led the multilateral and North Asia practices at Economist Impact where he worked with UN agencies, development banks, government aid agencies, as well as corporations, foundations and NGO sto utilize Economist Impact’s capabilities to satisfy knowledge and insight requirements as well as branding, public affairs, government relations, corporation communications and marketing goals.

    Barrett was a Board Director with the Society of Publishers Asia (SOPA) 2019-2023 sitting on the Finance and Government Relations Committees. He is a past Board Member of the CanCham HK and for 10 years was the head of the AmCham HK Trade Committee.

    Prior to coming to Hong Kong, Barrett was the Senior Policy Advisor to the Canadian Foreign Minister and the Policy Advisor to the Trade Minister with a focus on the Indo-Pacific.

    Barrett is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, a Commonwealth Scholar and holds Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Victoria University of Wellington. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Indonesian Centre for Strategic and International Studies, publishing on trade, piracy and terrorism in the South China Sea.

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