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We have organised a special evening event on Thursday 21 March at which to break the fast on the rooftop PXB Terrace of the former Terra Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City Dubai.

In keeping with our recent tradition of inviting inspiring academic speakers to our Iftars, I am delighted to confirm the attendance of Professor Jonathan Fulton of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. Jonathan will deliver an informal address and Q&A drawing on his many years of research into the diplomatic and trade relationships between the Guild Monarchies and external powers.

I hope you are able to join us for what I know will be a fascinating and enjoyable evening under the stars.

Please note that this event is limited to senior-level executives and per invitation only. If you are not an existing member of The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, but would like to learn how you can attend our events, please contact us.


  • Jonathan Fulton (Associate Professor at Zayed University)

    Jonathan Fulton

    Associate Professor at Zayed University

    Jonathan Fulton is an Associate Professor of Political Science in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and a nonresident senior fellow for Middle East Programs at the Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative at the Atlantic Council.

    An expert on Chinese policy toward the Middle East, he has written widely on the topic for both academic and popular publications. His books include China’s Relations with the Gulf Monarchies, External Power and the Gulf Monarchies, Regions in the Belt and Road Initiative, Routledge Handbook of China-Middle East Relations, and Asian Perceptions of Gulf Security.
    He has published more than 30 journal articles, book chapters and reports, and dozens of op-eds and analytical pieces. His analysis has been featured in global media outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and the BBC. He is also the host of the Atlantic Council’s popular ‘China-MENA Podcast’.

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