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Talent, the world's most valuable commodity, has been difficult to find for the best part of one generation. Even before Covid-19, when profits were up and capital was footloose and fancy-free, bosses fretted that talented workers were in short supply. Part of the problem may lie with how the word is defined in the first place. Is talent a concept saved for workers with an innate ability, for example turning a P/L around or inventing a revolutionary technology, or is it merely tantamount to brainpower and the capacity to think creatively?

Just how scarce "talent" has become can be observed in the recent drop of productivity, a way to quantify how much employees contribute to an organisation's results. The latest data suggest that productivity has fallen sharply between 2021-2022. Unfortunately, there is little sign that 2023 will be any different. That matters greatly, because higher productivity is the greatest driver of GDP growth and more take-home pay. This particularly should matter to companies where the trendy scourge of "quiet quitting" has taken hold.

In Korea, CxOs are equally nervous. In a recent survey conducted by employment portal JobKorea, 90% of respondents said they were interested in changing jobs, a significant rise from 69% a year earlier. Meanwhile, a separate study by the Federation of Korean Industries found that 65.8% of students in their 4th year of university have virtually given up looking for a job. Given this, how can business leaders respond to the talent shortage? What lessons can be learned from other companies' experience? What can executives expect as new working trends take hold despite the economy's apparent downward turn in 2023? Join us at this event where we bring together some of Korea's most experienced business leaders to discuss how to acquire and retain talent this year.


11:30 - 12:00
Registration & Networking
12:00 - 13:30
Discussion & Lunch


  • Gordon Dudley (CEO of RDI Worldwide)

    Gordon Dudley

    CEO of RDI Worldwide

    Gordon established RDI Worldwide in Korea in 2016 a firm dedicated to providing talent attraction and acquisition services to global companies in Korea - based on his global experience across 4 countries and 17 years. He manages a team of local Korean experts and has helped over 100+ companies in nearly all aspects of HR - mostly focusing on Talent Management based on his strong belief that 'work should be fun'. Originally from the UK, based in Korea since 2010 and holding an MBA from Yonsei, he is also certified with the AESC.

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  • Robert R. Flemer (Foreign Attorney at Kim & Chang)

    Robert R. Flemer

    Foreign Attorney at Kim & Chang

  • Jacco Zwetsloot (Network Moderator, Seoul at Economist Intelligence Corporate Network)

    Jacco Zwetsloot

    Network Moderator, Seoul at Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

    Jacco Zwetsloot has lived in Korea for 20 of the last 25 years, with a broad range of work experience in the communication, legal, tourism, training and broadcasting sectors. He has worked as an English teacher, a tour guide for the US military, a regular radio show guest, and a translator of North Korean propaganda. Currently, Jacco works as a content creator for a communications consultancy Insight Communications Consultants, hosts a weekly podcast about North Korea, moderates panel discussions, writes a monthly Korean newspaper column and still leads occasional lunchtime walking tours in downtown Seoul for the Royal Asiatic Society Business & Culture Club. Jacco holds a Master of Arts degree in Korean Studies from Leiden University, a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies from Monash University and a separate Bachelor of Arts in Modern European Studies and German Language from the University of Melbourne.

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Executive Meeting Suite 702 (7FL), Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

97 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu,
Seoul, Korea (South)

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