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As the new year begins, wars are raging in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. And shipping is under attack in the Red Sea, threating new transport and commodity price spikes. These crises are explosive in their own right. Combine them with a presidential race in America and 2024 promises to be a make-or-break year for the post-1945 world order.

The 2020s were destined to be dangerous. The West's share of world GDP has fallen towards 50% for the first time since the 19th century. Countries such as India and Turkey believe the global institutions created after 1945 do not reflect their concerns. China and Russia want to go further and subvert this system. Their club - the enlarged BRICS bloc (now including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Iran) - clearly has more than one eye on upsetting US political and financial hegemony. Though America's economy is still pre-eminent, its unipolar moment has ended. And its allies in Europe and Japan are in relative economic decline.

The new dynamic is one of instability and an unpredictable cycle of populism, interventionist economics and transactional globalisation.

But what does this mean for our own region, that is geographically and politically in between East and West? Can it resist the siren calls to choose sides, and reap the benefit of both Asian economic growth and Western security assurances?

This year's EICN Regional Strategic Forecast will explore this unfamiliar landscape, with its new alliances, fierce rivalry, mistrust and weaponisation of finance, technology and critical minerals. How will businesses be impacted by industrial policies that support strategically important domestic priorities over trade?

Join us, and leading regional politicians and business leaders, as we assess the implications of this mulipolar disorder.



  • Emily Mansfield (Regional Director, Europe of The Economist Intelligence Unit)

    Emily Mansfield

    Regional Director, Europe of The Economist Intelligence Unit

    Emily leads The Economist Intelligence Unit’s analysis for France and Germany, and plays a leading role on the Europe editorial team, developing clear views on the political and economic issues of the day, and their implications for corporate, financial and government clients. She is particularly interested in the impact of political fragmentation, Europe’s changing role in the world, and the outlook for (and risks to) economic policy and performance in the region. Emily also works on the company’s flagship Democracy Index, and has presented regularly on democracy to audiences across Europe since 2016.

    Emily joined The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2011. Her previous role was as Country Forecast Director, which included responsibility for a business environment ranking for 82 economies. Emily developed a new index for technological readiness within this, gaining expertise on questions of productivity growth and the impact of artificial intelligence.

    Emily holds a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of London, and Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Cambridge.

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  • Bernard Aw (Chief Economist, Asia Pacific at Coface)

    Bernard Aw

    Chief Economist, Asia Pacific at Coface

    Bernard Aw is the Chief Economist for Asia Pacific region at Coface. In this role, he leads macroeconomic and country risk analysis of the Asia Pacific region and manages the regional economic research team. He is a member of the region’s senior management and contributes macroeconomic insights to the Group’s risk decision-making process. Prior to joining Coface in Singapore, he was Principal Economist at IHS Markit. His other previous roles include Market Strategist for IG Asia and Regional Economist at 4CAST. Bernard has also conducted research on trade and economic issues at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. Bernard holds a M.Sc. in Economics from the Singapore Management University and a B.Sc. in Economics and Finance from the University of London. Follow him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bernardaw/

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  • Jeep Kline (Berkeley Faculty, Venture Capital, Board of Directors at University of California, Berkeley)

    Jeep Kline

    Berkeley Faculty, Venture Capital, Board of Directors at University of California, Berkeley

    • 20+ years in the high-tech and impact industry
    • Awarded Top 25 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley
    • Launched two funds with top quartile returns
    • First Thai woman to launch impact VC fund in Silicon Valley
    • Board member of 4 high-growth companies (US, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore)
    • Co-investor/Advisor/Investment committee of 3 funds in US and abroad
    • First Thai Professional Faculty at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
    • Vast experience in emerging markets
    • Economist at World Bank
    • Co-founded Latin-America-focused VC fund
    • Advisor at Berkeley SkyDeck, Alchemist Accelerator, UCSF Health Hub
    • Launched 1st Android Tablet at Intel
    • The only Thai in history of Intel to be selected by CEO Paul Otellini to company’s Leadership

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  • Sumana Rajarethnam (Director, South-East Asia of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network)

    Sumana Rajarethnam

    Director, South-East Asia of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

    Sumana is a senior policy professional with 17 years of experience. Having worked at several dynamic and vibrant tech firms, Sumana designs and implements policies through advocacy, strategic communication and evidence-based analysis. With a flair for writing and communication, Sumana is able to negotiate complex engagements & cultivate senior-level internal/external relationships.

    Sumana holds a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan, as well as a B.A. in Political Science and Geography from UCLA.

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