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Following the Coronavirus outbreak, The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) has launched a weekly webinar series to provide our clients with our latest analysis of the situation.

This week Simon Baptist, our Global Chief Economist, will be joined by Agathe Demarais, Global Forecasting Director, and Keren Uziyel, Country Risk Manager for the Middle East. We will discuss our updated global outlook which reflects a grimmer picture for global growth and trade prospects across all regions, particularly amid renewed US-China tensions. In-focus would be our outlook for the Middle East. Clients will hear from our experts about the impact of Covid-19 on the region's political and economic landscape, and the implications for sovereign debt risks.

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  • Simon Baptist (Editorial Director and Chief Economist of The Economist Intelligence Unit)

    Simon Baptist

    Editorial Director and Chief Economist of The Economist Intelligence Unit

    Simon Baptist is Editorial Director and Chief Economist at The Economist Intelligence Unit. Prior to his current role, he has held a number of other senior management and editorial positions in the business, including Managing Director for Asia, Regional Director of our Asia editorial team, Director of Global Forecasting, and Consulting Director in both Europe and Asia

    Simon’s focus is on the global economy, national and international political developments, and public policy. He engages with business, government and international organisations, helping them to understand the operational and strategic implications of the EIU’s forecasts.

    He has a doctorate in economics from and was a lecturer at Oxford University, along with degrees in economics and science from the University of Tasmania. His academic research investigated technology and the determinants of productivity in manufacturing firms.

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  • Agathe Demarais (Global Forecasting Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit)

    Agathe Demarais

    Global Forecasting Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit

    Agathe Demarais is the Global Forecasting Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit. Agathe is a leading voice on global issues, with a specific interest in trade, sanctions, European affairs, Russia and the Middle East. She draws upon her extensive diplomatic experience in emerging markets, deep policy-making knowledge and her background in investment banking to help a wide variety of audiences make sense of complex developments.

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  • Keren Uziyel (Analyst; Country Risk Service Manager at The Economist Intelligence Unit)

    Keren Uziyel

    Analyst; Country Risk Service Manager at The Economist Intelligence Unit

    Keren is an experienced analyst in The Economist Intelligence Unit's Middle East and Africa team. She works closely with colleagues and clients to produce regular analysis of economic, political and business developments and prospects in the region, as well as customised research on a wide range of issues. In addition to her regional responsibilities, Keren is a Country Risk Service Manager for the team, helping with the development of the product and ensuring consistent quality of output.

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