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Japan has long been a magnet for tourists from around the world, and Japanese cultural products have branded Japan as one of the "coolest" countries in the world, winning the hearts and minds of youth around the world.

Post-pandemic Japan may have lost some of its appeal, especially after the limitations faced during the Tokyo Olympics and the nation's closed-door policy due to COVID-19 restrictions. Yet entertainment giants such as Netflix and Amazon, along with Asian investors (including Kakao, together with Kadokawa) have been investing millions of dollars to revitalize Japan's charm and capitalize on those investments. With Osaka Expo 2025 approaching, Japan will have the opportunity to once again redefine its Cool Japan Strategy and assert its soft power.

In this discussion we will explore some of the following questions:

· Can Japan re-invent the new "cool Japan" and re-establish itself as a top destination for travel and content creation?

· Could diversity, equality, and inclusion be defined in a Japan-specific way and promoted as Japan's "new cool" besides smart cities and futuristic society?

· What kind of strategy is needed to motivate business-arts/cultural partnerships and revive the Japanese creative industries?

· Can corporate cultural responsibility become part of its ESG strategies and if so, how? Why has Japan been lagging behind South Korea and other Asian countries in creating internationally appealing content?

· What kind of cultural policies are needed in order to stimulate collaboration and support the creative industries?

· How can art and popular culture become a factor in the economic revitalization of Japan, given its commercial nature and its ability to increase the standards of living of an entire society?

Please note that this event is limited to senior-level executives and per invitation only. If you are not an existing member of The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, but would like to learn how you can attend our events, please contact us.


  • Shunichi Tokura (Commissioner for Agency for Cultural Affairs at Government of Japan)

    Shunichi Tokura

    Commissioner for Agency for Cultural Affairs at Government of Japan

    Born in Tokyo, Japan.
    Tokura’s professional music career started while studying law at Gakushuin University in Tokyo. He then further studied composition, conducting as well as screening and studio production extensively in Japan, Germany, and the United States. He continued his music career of a broad genres from popular music to contemporary music in various countries, mainly in Japan, the United States, and Britain.

    Tokura has won numerous major music awards in Japan, including the "Japan Record Awards" and the "Japan Music Awards" four times each.

    He has served in positions such as the chairman of Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC), and as a board member of the Council for Cultural Affairs. Currently, he is a member of the Japan Sumo Association’s Yokozuna Deliberation Committee.

    In 2018, Tokura was selected Person of Cultural Merits; and in April 2021, he was appointed Commissioner for Cultural Affairs.

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  • June Miyachi (President and CEO of Cartier)

    June Miyachi

    President and CEO of Cartier

    After graduating from Kyoto University (BA law) in Japan, she began her career with Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Division as Analyst in Real Estate.

    After completing her MBA in INSEAD (Fontainebleau), she joined Moët Hennessy Asia Pacific (LVMH Group) in Hong Kong as Business Development Manager.
    She was then transferred to MHD Moët Hennessy Diageo K.K. in Japan, starting as Brand Director of Dom Perignon and Estates & Wines, and progressively managing all Moët Hennessy brands.

    She then moved on to LVMH Fashion Group Japan K.K., Loewe Japan. Managed merchandising, wholesale, e-commerce, marketing & communication as Senior Director.

    In 2017, she joined Richemont Japan ltd., Cartier Japan as Marketing & Communication Director, driving various projects such as JUC Konbini, “Cartier. Crystallization of Time” at NACT.
    She took on her role as President & CEO of Cartier Japan in August 2020.

    June grew up in Europe (France, UK, Germany and Sweden). She is married and a mother of three children.

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  • Yoshihisa Nakano (Representative Director of Eastern Culture Foundation)

    Yoshihisa Nakano

    Representative Director of Eastern Culture Foundation

    Graduated from Chiba University of Commerce with a degree in Business and Economics, 1967. After working at Isetan Co., Ltd. (now Mitsukoshi Isetan Co., Ltd.), joined Suzuya Co., Ltd. After serving as Representative Director and Senior Managing Director, he moved to Taiwan in 1991, where he was COO in the department store division of a major Taiwanese corporate group.

    Joined Warehouse Terrada Co., Ltd. in 2011. Appointed President and CEO in 2012. Resigned from the company in June, 2019. In August of the same year, with a vision of enriching Eastern culture by fostering a sense of trust that transcends regions and national borders, he established the Eastern Culture Foundation as Representative Director. Joined ACAO SPA & RESORT Co., Ltd as CHAIRMAN & CEO in 2021.

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  • Yoshitaka Sugihara (Director of Public Policy at Netflix GK.)

    Yoshitaka Sugihara

    Director of Public Policy at Netflix GK.

    Yoshitaka Sugihara is Netflix Director of Public Policy covers Japan ( and later Taiwan) since September 2019. He also serves as a Vice President of American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Visiting Professor of Tenri University, Senior Visiting Researcher of GLOCOM at International University and Fellow of Software Association of Japan.

    Graduated from Doshisha University with a Bachelor in Law, and then he received a Master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, Mr. Sugihara started his career from LDP Headquarter. During the time, he was awarded a research grant to study trade and competition policy at the European Commission and received Master of Science from London School of Economics. He served as Premier Secretary for Nagano Governor, Senior Vice President of the Metropolitan Software Association and Metropolitan Computer Engineer Association.

    Prior to his current position at Netflix GK., Mr. Sugihara served as Head of Public Policy at Google GK. and Government and Corporate Affairs Manager at Intel K.K.

    He wrote many articles and two books such as: “Minsyusyugi wa Kinou siteiruka” (Does Democracy work?), Eiji Press, Tokyo 2006 “SOFT na Seiji” (Soft Function does matter in Japanese Politics), Issei Publishing Tokyo 1998.

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  • Andrijana Cvetkovikj (Director, North Asia of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network)

    Andrijana Cvetkovikj

    Director, North Asia of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

    Andrijana Cvetkovikj has a Doctoral Degree from Nihon University, and an Executive MBA from the Fox School of Business, Temple University, and a Master Degree in Cinema and Media Studies from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts of Sofia, Bulgaria. She is recipient of the the WIN Inspiring Women Worldwide Award 2022. Cvetkovikj was the first resident Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Japan from 2014-2018. Cvetkovikj was also the Head of the Digital Diplomacy Unit (2013-2014)and the Public Diplomacy Unit (2018) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia. She sits on the Board of Del Sole Corporation, and used to be an Executive Advisory Board Member of Cartier-Japan (2018-2020), promoting women’s entrepreneurship and mentoring. Cvetkovikj was a visiting professor at Kyoto University (2012), the International Center for Japanese Studies(2010-2011), the European University and other academic institutes. She is currently an Advisor to the OIST Foundation (the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology).

    Cvetkovikj is the Founder & CEO of BrioNexus, Co., Ltd., Tokyo based consultancy firm, and of a non-profit organization Ambassadors of Change. She is a member of the Japan Board Diversity Network (JBDN), and the Worldwide Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Organization. She has been a speaker at the UN Conference for Climate Change, the World Economic Forum, and other venues. In 2018 she received the distinguished award Doctor Honoris Causa by the European University for contributions in the Sciences and Arts.

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