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The swift deregulations on telemedicine was one of the fortunate by-products of covid-19 in Japan. In April 2020, amidst the pandemic, doctors in Japan were allowed to meet first-time patients remotely as an emergency measure. In September 2020, Norihisa Tamura, Japan's Minister of Health indicated that the measure will likely be a permanent feature of healthcare in Japan.

Digitizing healthcare has a lot more to offer than merely allowing patients to see doctors remotely. Wider use of artificial intelligence could make the diagnosis faster, cheaper and more accurate. With information stored digitally, individuals can have easier and better access to information on their health.

What are the benefits and challenges in developing online healthcare in Japan and the rest of the world? What will digital healthcare look like and how could caregivers and care-receivers ensure the respect for humanity while reaping the benefits? What are the areas Japan should aim to lead at the frontier of online healthcare?

Join us as we discuss the future of healthcare with its industry experts and business leaders.


  • Shinsuke Muto (Chairman at Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd.)

    Shinsuke Muto

    Chairman at Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd.

    President, Tetsuyu Institute Medical Corporation
    Chairman, Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd.
    Co-Founder & Medical Director, Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings, Pte. Ltd.
    President, Community Healthcare Coordination Platform, Inc.

    With two decades of experience in the field of medicine, Dr. Shinsuke Muto is a certified internal medicine specialist and cardiologist who passed the US medical licensing examination (California) and holds US CPA (Delaware) , EMBA (INSEAD) , MPH (Johns Hopkins).

    After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo in 1996, he received his doctorate later in 2002. With experience in cardiovascular internal medicine and emergency medicine, he also served as a court physician to the Imperial Household Agency before joining McKinsey & Company. In 2010, he launched Tetsuyu Institute Medical Corporation in Japan.

    In 2015, he established Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings with his INSEAD colleague in Singapore and became a chairman of Integrity Healthcare in 2016, a president of Community Healthcare Coordination

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  • Inamura Takuma (Director of the Healthcare Industries Division at Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry)

    Inamura Takuma

    Director of the Healthcare Industries Division at Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry

    INAMURA Takuma is Director of the Healthcare Industries Division at METI (Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry) of Japan.
    He joined METI in 1998 and has mostly worked on policy making in areas such as energy, international trade and manufacturing industries. Before taking up his current position, he was the director in charge of a drastic revision of the Japanese legislation on the electricity supply business in order to enable the cost effective deployment of renewable energy and sustainable investment in the power grid system. He also has government-wide experience through his secondment to other Japanese ministries including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (an Economy Counselor at the Permanent Delegation of Japan to the OECD) and Ministry of Finance (a Deputy Director in charge of budget for port and airport construction public works).
    He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Tokyo and a Master’s Degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

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  • Ashwini M. Zenooz (Chief Medical Officer and General Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce)

    Ashwini M. Zenooz

    Chief Medical Officer and General Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce

    Ashwini M. Zenooz, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and General Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce.
    Dr. Zenooz was most recently the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) overseeing the national EHR modernization program. Dr. Zenooz is board certified in radiology and continues to practice medicine today.

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  • Joe Ledsam (Clinician scientist at Google)

    Joe Ledsam

    Clinician scientist at Google

    Dr Joe Ledsam is a clinician scientist in Google working at the intersection of clinical medicine, digital technologies and artificial intelligence. His research interests include medical imaging, electronic health records and genomics. He has led breakthrough work published in Nature and Nature Medicine. Before joining Google Japan he was a senior research scientist at DeepMind and practiced medicine in the UK.

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  • Takuji Okubo (Director, Corporate Network, North Asia of The Economist Corporate Network)

    Takuji Okubo

    Director, Corporate Network, North Asia of The Economist Corporate Network

    Takuji Okubo is the North Asia Director of The Economist Corporate Network, managing the Networks in Japan and in South Korea.

    Prior to joining The Economist Group, Takuji was the Managing Director and Chief Economist at Japan Macro Advisors, serving global fortune 500 companies and financial institutions in Japan and abroad. In his past career, Takuji was a Chief Economist at Societe Generale, in charge of Japan and of South Korea, and a senior economist at Merrill Lynch and at Goldman Sachs. Outside his role at ECN, Takuji also serves as a non-executive director at Japan Risk Forum, an association of Chief Risk Officers among Japanese financial institutions.

    Takuji holds B.A in Economics from Tokyo University and while at the university he was a recipient of prestigious INOUE scholarship. He holds MBA from INSEAD and Msc. In Economics from UPF in Barcelona. Apart from work, he enjoys motor-cycling, scuba-diving, cooking as well as worrying about the future of the Japanese economy.

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